Good read: Who is Jake Ellis

Ever feel like you’ve got a voice in your head telling you what to do? I’ve been reading a comic book, titled “Who is Jake Ellis” by Nathan Edmondson and Tonči Zonjić, which tells exactly that story.

Who is Jake Ellis coverAnd it touched the deepest strings of my brain. The storytelling is great, both visual and written. Tonči has a special talent in visual part. So if I’m able to convince you about giving it a look, let’s discuss it later!

Well, what’s so special about it? There are two series of stories about Jake Ellis: “Who is Jake Ellis” and “Where is Jake Ellis”, they are sort of a mix of “Hitman”, “Dexter” and “James Bond” touch, also a thimbleful of “Prison Break”, I guess. It tells a story about a man on the run and his invisible (yes, that’s right!) backup adviser. The story is full of unexpected plot twists and action, shooting, running and emotion… And it gets pretty scary in the “Where is Jake Ellis”. Uh-oh! At the moment, when you become certain of things — bam! — a plot twist at your face!

Can’t wait to know what’s next. Don’t read about these comics in Wikipedia though, there are spooooileeers. I warned ya!

Finally, a word on Tonči Zonjić art — seems like he’s able to bring the story telling on the new level. I’ve read another story by a different author, didn’t get the most of it, but the issue, made by Tonći was really great. Consistent style, consistent shots.